Programme: your product on retail shelves

More turnover and profit because your product is in all important stores.

The programme is sold out at the moment. There will be room again from 11 October. Plan a free session to see if we have a match, so you can claim a spot.

Do you recognize the following?

Make the impact you have in mind with your products

You want to know exactly when a retailer is going to include a product, so you can focus on what you need to do to be on more shelves as soon as possible. You would also like to remove any obstacles mentioned by the retailer. In fact, you want to prevent them being obstacles in the first place.

You want to have an ideal product range, which both you and the retailer earn enough from so that you can continue to invest in growth. In addition, you would like to be able to make good commercial agreements. It would be very nice if every euro you invested were in the right things. If you need to do promotions, you want to have a clear understanding of what possibilities there are and which methods offer the most added value.

You want to feel like you are quickly taking action, so that you can stay ahead of the competition and get on with what you are good at.

The time is now

More and more sustainable initiatives are coming onto the market that make the world a little better. That’s fantastic, but it also means you have to make speed as a company. Make sure you’re a first mover.

I worked in the food industry for almost 15 years and sat in meetings with many retailers. I put a lot of innovations on the market, so I understand exactly what you need to do to impress, realize growth and build a professional relationship with your customers.

That is why I have developed a programme for companies that want to conquer the retail world. You will learn how to create a strong story, remove any obstacles and really bring something to the retailer.

I teach you how to build a strong foundation so that you can also generate sustainable growth for your retail business. Your aim is not just to get on the shelves; you want to stay there, and to make enough money too.

In just 4 months, you will make huge strides. You will get access to tools and methods that you can always use, so it’s truly an investment in your company’s future.




€3,997, excluding VAT. You can also pay it in 3 terms of €1,375 (excluding VAT). VAT is deductible as an entrepreneur.

N.B. access for 3rd participant in modules + email access will be invoiced at €150 p.p. Of course you can involve (people from) your team in the meetings. I work with one primary point of contact for the sessions.

After this programme:

And most importantly, you will have invested in a sustainable future for your company.


Let me introduce myself: my name is Danielle Mol, and with GreenUp Consulting it’s my mission to make plant-based food the norm within retail.

When I started working almost 15 years ago, it was my dream to make it big. That resulted in me taking huge strides in my career and, at the age of 33, I was a commercial manager responsible for 80 million euros.

Still, it did not make me happy. After a period in which I went on a fantastic world trip, travelling by land to India, I decided to commit to companies that contribute to my mission. Now I combine my commercial experience with my experience as a consumer, having eaten a plant-based diet for the last five years.


“Danielle helped us to identify the opportunities and threats on the supermarket shelf. Her report allowed us to make better decisions in our strategy. Danielle is passionate about her work and really submerges herself in the product and the world around it. Her calm, proactive approach and structured way of working meant that we really benefitted from working with her”

Chantal Engelen – Dutch Edamame

Danielle helped us a great deal with bringing over our proposition and USP in the best way possible and transforming this into a trade presentation for the retail sector. Together we thought about all possible aspects: logistics, margin calculations, POS material, promotion proposals, etc.
Danielle really identified the pain points and what we could improve. She thinks about things from all perspectives – consumers, retailers and suppliers – to maximise the value added for all parties. This was really useful for us, especially as it was exactly at the time when we most needed it, right before we entered advanced discussions with retailers! We’re 100% satisfied and happy with what she did for us.”

Berend Eberson – Grünten



For companies that:

To check whether the programme suit you, please email me or schedule a match call:

frequently asked questions

Click on the question to read the answer:

That depends. I give you the knowledge and the tools, but you will have to work with these yourself to get the most out of them. Each module will take you about 30–45 minutes to read/view.

For each module there are also tasks. Some of these take about an hour, while others need a few hours. Each module is different, depending on how relevant and urgent it is for you. That’s why we start with a kick-off meeting and baseline measurement, to make this all clear.

With the tasks and guidance, you are directly engaged with your company. So every minute you work on a task or do something with my feedback is investing directly in your strategy and story for retail.

Working with me also saves you time, because I coach you to focus on the right things.

This programme is suitable for all companies that do not yet have large distribution. Some participants already have a few outlets in retail (stores), or have advanced plans for that. But in these cases too, it is good to enrol in this programme.

If you are in a few stores, you will have already learned a number of things. In this program, we can leverage that in your story to expand your distribution. A few stores don’t generate enough sales, so the program is certainly suitable!

If you are already in almost all major supermarkets, a different form of cooperation is better. If in doubt, please schedule a match call with me!

If you are not satisfied after 2 weeks, I will give you your money back, provided that you have fully committed yourself for these first 2 weeks. This means you have gone through the modules, prepared for the sessions well and actively worked on my feedback.

In each module, I give you all the important information on that subject. There are a number of sub-topics per module. In each module, all the text is written out and figures are provided. In addition, I have recorded the modules on video, and I share slides where necessary. I have also added relevant Word or Excel files to modules, so that you can work with them yourself.

In the latest modules, all useful files and calculations have been added.

We have an extensive kick-off meeting so I can advise you which modules to prioritize. As it is impossible to complete all modules fully in 4 months, you retain access for a year.

It’s great that you’ve done that! Many start-ups have attended the Kitchen Republic Academy or participated in an accelerator. That means you may already know a part of the programme – but going over things again is always helpful!

We start with an extensive kick-off meeting that I will prepare based on a questionnaire you fill in. I indicate which modules you should prioritize so you get the most out of the programme (though you can immediately access all modules).  

I really help you with your story for the retailer, and am your sparring partner and coach for 4 months. We determine the strategy and you continuously improve your story until it’s right. That’s why I have no doubt that the programme will deliver much added value to you.

I’d be happy to do that for you. This programme is really intended for companies that are looking for a coach and who want to make quick steps in 4 months with my guidance. But you can call me in as a consultant, where I work out the entire strategy myself. If this is something for you, look under the other headings under the ‘collaboration’ menu, or schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities.

Online modules

Below you can see a summary of all the modules. Each module contains information in text form and video form, as well as tasks so you immediately apply the knowledge you’ve gained in your company!

To determine what your market entry and/or growth strategy should be, you need to have more insight into the different channels and how they relate to each other. What does the market look like? Which players fit your proposition? And what does this mean for your market entry strategy?

How do you gain more insight into the development of the category into which your product fits? Or could your product fit into multiple categories, and if so, which one do you choose? And what influence does this have on the introduction and rollout of your product?

  • • Desk research: what sources and approach
  • Position of your product in store
  • Finding market data to join the dots
  • Trends and developments: researching and monitoring

This step requires a lot of work from every company. How do you convince retailers about how unique your product is? And where on the shelves are you going to make the most impact? Through my step-by-step plan you will be really clear about your competition and will have the tools to focus on your Unique Selling Points.

  • White space model
  • Positioning and competition (also from the retailer)
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Think about what’s in it for them (your customer)
  • Shelf position

What products best suit the retailer, and offer you both the most potential? How do you choose different versions? And how do you calculate a good recommended retail price?

  • Defining final packaging, content, taste and quantities
  • Calculation margin and potential
  • Validation

How do you determine the potential of the customers? What goals can you define? Many companies want to be on as many shelves as soon as possible. I will challenge you on this, because what is most important is that you apply a strategy. After all, you usually only have one chance with a retailer (or have to wait until the next category manager is in post).

  • Estimating sales and potential of total sales
  • Forecasting
  • Shelf reset moments

How do you convince the head office that you will be successful? How do you use test cases, and more importantly,
how do you ensure that these contribute to your further rollout in the future?

  • How do you focus on working together and what’s in it for retailers
  • Proof or concept
  • • Validation and meeting requirements

Which buttons can you push to boost sales through the retailer and in stores? And how do you make sure you get the most out of every euro you spend?

  • Choosing support techniques
  • Goals for your promotions and how to achieve them
  • • Thinking in terms of scenarios and models

In this module I take you through the checklist and aids that I have devised after almost 15 years in the industry.
What elements should you include in your presentation? When will retailers decide to adopt your product?

  • What does the retailer pay attention to? What do they want to know?
  • Storytelling of your brand
  • How to build the presentation, what’s in it?
  • What do you use to convince retailers?

In this module there are useful tools that you can always use, such as a model to calculate margin, a forecast model and a negotiation strategy.

  • The correct margin calculation (Did you know, by the way, that not every retailer calculates margins in the same way?)
  • The correct cost price and purchase price
  • Promotion Tool
  • Terminology cheklist (margin, rotation, loss, etc.)
  • Forecast model
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