Gaining shelve position

What is the best strategy to get your product on more shelves and keep it there?


If you have your products listed at all big supermarkets in the Netherlands, I would love to work with you in my growth program or consulting work.


I often speak to entrepreneurs who, after very long work, have managed to get on the shelves, only to find out that their margin model is wrong. Or entrepreneurs who are very busy delivering to a few shops, but who aren’t able to scale up.

That’s why I really recommend using commercial help in determining your market strategy.

Many companies that come to me are now faced with the fact that expertise is needed to get your products on the shelves. In addition, it takes a lot of time to find answers to questions you have.

Meat replacements

Amongst other things, I advice on the following topics:

Working with me will get you:

 Je loopt ertegenaan dat er expertise voor nodig is om je producten op de schappen te krijgen. Je zit met bepaalde commerciële vragen waar je geen (goed) antwoord op kan vinden. Het kost ook best veel tijd om dit antwoord te vinden.

Meat replacements

The program starts soon

Cooperation in this area has always been tailor-made. It also depends on where your company stands and what knowledge is in-house. I always think about how we can do this as efficiently and effectively as possible. My core values are not for nothing: transparency, authenticity, professionalism and reliability.


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