Win a free 45-minute strategy session!

It is my mission that plant-based food becomes the norm. That’s why I’m very driven to help others increase the turnover of plant-based foods.

I think it’s important to help people who share my mission. In addition, I like to keep up to date with issues that are going on in the market.

That’s why I select two people every month for a free 45-minute online strategic session. Here you have no obligation to ‘access’ my expertise, network and experience.

The announcement will always take place on the 15th and 30the of the month.

During the free strategy session we will look at the questions you have and give you at least three concrete tips to help you get started. I will also give you answers to your questions in the question form.

Of course, I deal confidentially with your questions and the information you share.

Have you been selected? Then I’ll contact you to schedule an appointment. Even if you’re not selected, you’ll receive a message.

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