Are you ready to conquer the retail world with your products?

Do you want to implement the right strategy to get your plant-based product(s) on the shelves?

Download 7 tips that will vastly improve your chances of getting your products on the shelves here.

You started your business with a great mission in mind. You want to make the world a better place by making an impact with your brand. You know that you make nice products and you want them to reach consumers. That’s why you want your products to get into more stores.

Doing business in the retail world is completely new for you. It is slowly dawning on you that there’s a lot involved. You find it hard to set priorities, as you don’t know what you need to get your product on the shelves.

You work very hard, but see that around you there are more and more sustainable initiatives emerging. This is making you uneasy, and you’re increasingly feeling that you need to take strides forward to stay ahead of the competition.

Does the following sound familiar?

It's time for growth

We are witnessing an enormous transition to a plant-based world. More and more sustainable initiatives are being introduced onto the market.

How much longer will you accept the position you’re in, where you’re spending a great deal of time trying to figure things out, and you’re not sure that you’re making decisions on the basis of the right information? How long will you keep giving a presentation that does not meet a retailer’s expectations – therefore taking the risk that you will blow your chances with this retailer for good, and will have to give up on your dreams?

Stop trying to muddle through and wasting time while your competitors are making strides. The retail world is incredibly competitive, so let me help you break through in it.

Download the 7 tips for getting your products on the shelves here


Danielle helped us a great deal with bringing over our proposition and USP in the best way possible and transforming this into a trade presentation for the retail sector. Together we thought about all possible aspects: logistics, margin calculations, POS material, promotion proposals, etc.
Danielle really identified the pain points and what we could improve. She thinks about things from all perspectives – consumers, retailers and suppliers – to maximise the value added for all parties. This was really useful for us, especially as it was exactly at the time when we most needed it, right before we entered advanced discussions with retailers! We’re 100% satisfied and happy with what she did for us.”

Berend Eberson – Grünten

“Danielle helped us to identify the opportunities and threats on the supermarket shelf. Her report allowed us to make better decisions in our strategy. Danielle is passionate about her work and really submerges herself in the product and the world around it. Her calm, proactive approach and structured way of working meant that we really benefitted from working with her.”

Chantal Engelen – Dutch Edamame

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