Are you ready to get your plant-based or vegan products on supermarket shelves?

Let me help you maximize your revenue potential. You only have one chance to make a good impression.

You’ve spent months, if not years, toiling to come up with a great plant-based product. You don’t want to think about it not being sold because supermarkets don’t want it in their range.

You have been working on these products because you would like to contribute to a better world and because you believe that plant-based food is the future. You want to sell as many of your products as possible – not only for your own sales, but also because you believe this will have a positive effect on the world.

You realize that you could use some help. You’re wondering what you need to consider so that you’re well prepared before talking to a retailer. You’re not sure where you offer the most added value and where you need to focus on.

You know you have a fantastic product idea and believe very much in it. But you’ve heard that you only have one chance to make a good impression with a customer, which means you have a lot to figure out. It’s clear that you could do with a hand.

You keep dreaming and working hard, but still feel like you’re stuck. You question what you need to have figured out before you start a conversation with a retailer. You wonder when you’ll really be ready.

Danielle Mol GreenUp Consulting

Do you feel that...

It's time for a kickstart!

It’s time to do things differently. Because be honest, how much time does it take if you try to figure it all out yourself? The longer your product isn’t on enough shelves, the more sales you’ll miss out on.

I believe in the transition to a plant-based world. We’re already in this transition, but I’d like to see it go faster. That’s why I love to work with companies that also want to make the food industry better. Together we take responsibility!

You can come to me for everything regarding account management and trade marketing. This can include category analysis, shelf recommendations, a trend presentation, making a presentation for a customer, practicing for negotiations, or simply if you’re looking for a sparring partner. By the way, every month I select four people for a free online strategy session.

Work together

Meat replacements

More sales and profit, because your product is in all major stores.

In this programme you will work on your strong story, you will learn how to remove any obstacles and we will make sure that you really bring something to the retailer.

I coach and guide you over 4 months and build a strong foundation with you.

More sales and profit, because your product is in all major stores.

I put down a rock-solid foundation for you.

I help you with your strategy and develop it for you. 

This is for retailers and producers who want more insight into market developments and the potential of these, delivered throught trends presentations, workshops and strategic guidance.

For startups that don’t have a senior trade marketer or account manager on the team and need a boost in a strategic issue.

Meat replacements

For Startups, Scaleups want to get on shelves with their products and lack the experience and the network for this.

Scale-ups and companies with more than three employees who are ready to professionalize of cooperation with retail but do not yet have the budget (or risk) to hire a full-time senior commercial manager.

For retailers and producers who want more insight into the developments of the market and its potential, by the use of trends presentations, workshops and strategic guidance.

What working with GreenUp brings you:

Puzzle piece


I have the knowledge, the experience and the network. You can take benefit from all of this, even after our formal cooperation has finished.



You can focus on what you are good at and let an expert focus on what you are not experienced in.



I know what you need to do to get your turnover as high as possible.



Every day that your product is in no or few stores costs you money. Speed up the process

Who I am:


My name is Danielle Mol, and with GreenUp Consulting it’s my mission to make plant-based food the norm within retail.

When I started work almost 15 years ago, it was my dream to have a big career. As a result, I made huge strides and at the age of 33 was responsible for 80 million euros.

Still, it didn’t make me happy. After a period in which I went on a fantastic world trip, travelling by land to India, I started my own business. Now I combine my commercial experience with my experience as a consumer, having eaten a plant-based diet for the last five years.

I help my clients enter the market with their products, or find ways to grow their sales. I do this by using my experience as an account manager, trade marketer and commercial manager.

What others say about me:

“Danielle helped us a great deal with bringing over our proposition and USP in the best way possible and transforming this into a trade presentation for the retail sector. Together we thought about all possible aspects: logistics, margin calculations, POS material, promotion proposals, etc.
Danielle really identified the pain points and what we could improve. She thinks about things from all perspectives – consumers, retailers and suppliers – to maximise the value added for all parties. This was really useful for us, especially as it was exactly at the time when we most needed it, right before we entered advanced discussions with retailers! We’re 100% satisfied and happy with what she did for us.”

Berend Eberson – Grünten

“Danielle helped us to identify the opportunities and threats on the supermarket shelf. Her report allowed us to make better decisions in our strategy. Danielle is passionate about her work and really submerges herself in the product and the world around it. Her calm, proactive approach and structured way of working meant that we really benefitted from working with her.”

Chantal Engelen – Dutch Edamame

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